Cast My Cares is the (so far) solo project of Mitchel Pilon, based out of North Dakota.

Mitchel grew up as a sports junkie. He was a passionate hockey player, and knew little outside this realm of a hobby during his childhood. He also took piano lessons for a few years during this time, but took little interest in the instrument. While in 5th grade, he was introduced to the band My Chemical Romance. “The Black Parade”, with its dramatic and unique theme, captured Mitchel’s interest and quickly turned his focus from sports to music.

He picked up the bass guitar a year later, taking lessons for a year before deciding to self-teach. This is when he submerged himself in rock music (usually My Chemical Romance) and would play along to songs in his room.

He grew as a musician, continuing in bass guitar and piano.

During high school, he continued pursuing music, and had the opportunity to join a local band called “Beyond the City.” He learned what it was like to be in a band, record, and play shows, and he wanted more.

The band ended after a year and a half. After failing to find other local musicians to collaborate with, he decided a solo project may be the best route.

He spent the next two years writing and growing as a musician, as well as teaching himself guitar. By 2016, Cast My Cares was founded, and recorded and released its debut single, “Cliff Dive” at Adapt Audio. Shortly after, its EP “Home” was released.

Mitchel found a passion for producing music after graduating with a music production degree. "Silhouettes and Sunsets", released in 2018, was his first self-produced song that was released.

With its alternative, melodic, and intricate style, Cast My Cares aims to offer listeners something unique, motivating, and encouraging.

Cast My Cares strives to dive deeper than surface-level music.


“I believe music isn’t only a source of entertainment or a backdrop for life.

Music holds the capability to change hearts, minds, and lives.

Music is a gift. The desire, ability, and opportunity to create music is a gift. I treat it as such and hope to impact people’s lives with this gift.

With gratitude and love, I hope you enjoy what I give to the world.”